Imagine Human genome interpretation… minus the false positives.

The Allele Frequency Community is a freely accessible “opt-in” community resource designed to facilitate sharing of anonymized, pooled allele frequency statistics among laboratories for the benefit of patients and biomedical research. Joining the community is free. Once you join, your NGS samples can be richly annotated with allele frequency information from the entire Community. Non-personally identifiable statistics from community members’ samples are used to expand the diversity of the database over time. › Insights from the founders

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Please navigate to the sign up page, setup a free Ingenuity Variant Analysis account and “opt-in” to participate in the Allele Frequency Community. You will have the ability to securely upload & annotate your NGS datasets with Allele Frequency information from an extensive community of laboratories. As more laboratories participate, our collective ability to interpret genomes, to identify disease-causing DNA variants, and to better serve a diverse patient population grows. With your participation, we are one step closer to a making a new generation of precision medicine real. Join us!

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Eric Schadt

Director of the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology at Mount Sinai

“This resource will enable a much more accurate interpretation of genomes by aiding in the identification and prioritization of variants that predispose an individual to a disease or explain a protective phenotype…”
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